Internet of Trays, Your Singapore Hawker Dream

Read on to find out how our IoT solution improves tray return rate at a hawker centre!


NEA’s Tray Return Campaign

Are existing solutions sufficient?

What has MSE done so far?

Tray Return Campaign Posters
Tray Return Rack strategically placed nearby tables

Who are the stakeholders affected?

Introducing Internet of Trays

So what makes our solution so unique?


Overview of Solution Architecture

Our Solution Set Up

Charts of Wisdom

Satisfying our stakeholders

Discovery is the Journey

Sneak peek of our insights UI!

A peek at some of our insights!

Figure 1.1. Tray Return Rate against Crowd Level Visualization
Figure 1.2. Average Clear Time of Tray Return Rack Against Crowd Level Visualization
Figure 1.3. Average Cleaner Response Time to Clear Tables Against Crowd Level
Daily Overall Insights based on Tray Return Rate data


What are the challenges that we faced?

Working hard for our deployment!
Initial Table Set up
Final set up after trial and error
PIR sensor taped to increase data accuracy

Growth of Reality

What are some limitations that we faced?

Key Takeaways

What are some learning points that we’ve gained?

“Our IoT journey was a tiring but rewarding one.” — Team Internet of Trays

Let’s show some appreciation

We sing thank you, we sing thank you, we sing thank you thank you thank you

Lastly… meet the brains behind the amazing solution!

The amazing Internet of Trays (Berseh) Team

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